Award-Winning Comedy Wildlife Photography 2021

OVERALL WINNER - © Ken Jensen / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2021

The comedy wildlife photography awards are one of the major wildlife photography contests in the world. This contest was founded by professional photographers, Tom Sullam and Paul Joynson in 2015 to enhance the awareness of wildlife conservation through humor. Anyone can participate in this contest. Therefore, photographers were comprised of 30% professionals and 70% amateurs.

The winners were selected from different categories based on the technical excellence and most engaging content by the expert panel except the popular category.

In this year more than 7000 wildlife photos were submitted to the competition. These comedy Wildlife photographs were hilarious and incredible which were kind of hard to believe. As the humor, quality of photographs, and imagery have improved year by year.

The award winners of comedy wildlife photography 2021 were announced on the BBC’s The One Show. There were images of a visibly uncomfortable monkey, a trio of gossipy raccoons, a joyful bird reunion, gravity-defying fish, and an all-powerful prairie dog in the winners and finalists of the 2021 competition. The overall winner got a handmade trophy from a workshop in Tanzania and a week long Kenyan safari. That trophy won by Ken Jensen who took that image in Yunnan, China shows a golden silk monkey in a rather uncomfortable position with an appropriately startled look on its face.

This year Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards competition were achieved their wildlife conservation goal by supporting Save Wild Orangutans by donating 10% of its total net revenue to the charity. Here are the few images.


Alex Walker’s Serian Creatures on the Land Award – © Arthur Trevino/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2021
Spectrum Photo Creatures in the Air Award and Affinity Photo People’s Choice Award – © John Speirs /Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2021
Creatures Under the Sea Award – © Chee Kee Teo /Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2021
Amazing Internet Portfolio Award – © Vicki Jauron /Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2021
© Jakub Hodan /Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2021
© Lea Scaddan /Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2021
© Roland Kranitz /Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2021


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